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The project work would involve the design and development of a web portal for Saudi Ministry of Commerce which would act as a major source of information on Intellectual Property laws, in Saudi Arabia. The website would have the following features.

  • Provides information on IP Laws and Situation in Saudi Arabia.
  • News Section, providing latest news on IP situation in Saudi Arabia. Information will be categories and updatable through the portal Database.
  • Information Section on Ministry of Commerce functions and its current enforcement programs. Information will be categorized and updatable through the portal Database.
  • Links to Various forms and other information websites related to IP rights.
  • Creation and Maintenance of IP Database (For Trademarks and Patents) accessible through website.
  • Simple and Multiple Search criteria capabilities for searching through IP database. Would include IP Name, ID, Filed By, Accepted on Date and Category
  • Categorized presentation of IP database entries for easier access.

The web site would be a mix of static and dynamic pages and SQL Server will be used as the preferred database for holding all the information which would be used to generate dynamic pages. The web portal pages will be designed using HTML and JavaScript language. For server-side scripting ASP.NET will be used. ASP.NET will also be used for content management and to add functionalities to the website pages.

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