Report Proposal

Security Issue in Alpha Corporation


The growth of the Internet and advancement of computer technologies has transformed the way businesses are conducted. Business organizations have come to rely on these technologies extensively in order to enhance their business process in order to achieve growth and become more competitive. However, this increase reliance on information technology has tremendously increased the importance of information within organization With computer technologies offering quick processing and availability of information at all times, the hazard of this information being falling into wrong hands has also increased.

The ability to protect this information from misuse is key to success. The purpose of this report will be to highlight one of the issues related to the security of information which is lack of classification of information. This report will how this issue is significant for Alpha Corporation and what can be done for its mitigation.

Introduction to Alpha Corporation

Alpha Corporation is a medium size organization belonging to financial services industry. The organization Head Office has a significantly large network which is connected to the Internet and well as networks of other financial services organizations. This network is composed of sub-networks different departments such as Administration, Finance, Decision and HR.  The computers on this network process and store a large amount of information each day. This information not only includes customers’ information and employee records but also organization’s confidential data. All employees of the organization are allowed access to any information at any given time.

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