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Movie Review – Instinct | Term Paper Queen


The movie, a Goodwill Hunting-type doctor-patient drama, is best known for its psychological issues than social. However, it does contain organizational elements which will be the central theme of this discussion. It stars Anthony Hopkins as the genius anthropologist who gets locked up for murdering two park rangers by clubbing them to death. He ends up at Harmony Bay, a maximum security prison and has an enthusiastic psychologist, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. earnestly waiting to diagnose him. As the movie progresses, both the young psychologist and his patient learn to address the shortfalls of the system they work for and in the end find light in each other’s wisdom, thereby curing Hopkins murderous rage and enlightening Cuba (Hopkins, Gooding Jr, Sutherland, & Tierney, 1999).

Analysis in light of Morgan’s metaphors

Morgan’s organizational theories describe organizations as, among other metaphors, flux and transformation, as well as instruments of domination. What the former basically implies is that the organizations are more akin to verbs than nouns, involved in constant change, aiming to maintain a dynamic equilibrium, subjecting itself to self-organization and systemic wisdom. It also advocates the use of attractors in order to harvest the latent energy of systems in order to produce something new, giving way to emergent properties (Morgan, 1998). The organizations apparent in the movie include that of the mental asylum, where Hopkins gets sentenced to, populated by the elite of the society, specifically the psychiatrists, who have officers and personnel staff to regulate the patient population in a prison-like fashion. The prison along with the justice system is part of other identifiable organizations as portrayed in the movie. Their interactions with each other display various forms of transformations and changes throughout the length of the movie.

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