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Movie review: Sicko | Term Paper Queen

Movie Review

The movie which has been selected for this particular assignment is titled Sicko, which is a documentary movie by the famous American film maker Michael Moore. Because of his outspoken and candid attitude Moore’s work have always been a subject of high debate by the critics and the latest victim of this criticism is his new adventure Sicko (Tyler, 2007).

The movie scrutinizes the American health care system with special focus on the health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. Moore has put side by side the American for profit health system against the nonprofit universal health care systems of other countries with the likes of Canada, UK, France and Cuba. The movie created some controversy with many seasoned policy specialists criticized Moore’s work as negative representation of the American health care system. The main thesis of the movie on which Moore’s has put his thoughts on is the American system of private medical insurance which according to Moore is a disaster for the citizens.  According to Moore a state run system which exists in most of the developed industrialized world would be far better than private medical insurance (Montgomery, 2007).

Moore has supported his argument with facts and figures, real life stories of people who have been denied with proper medical facility and have become insolvent due to the unsympathetic attitude of these private medical insurance companies. The movie stars with pictures of two men who don’t have a health insurance, one of them is stitching his own knee at his home and the other one is trying to fix the upper part of his middle finger which was sliced in an accident. But this is not the real issue which the director wants to address; the real issue which Moore has highlighted is that of those 250 million Americans who have their health insurance with them, who punctually pay their premiums every month, trusting the insurance companies that in time of need they would help them which unfortunately is not the case (Scott, 2007).

Moore has projected on the big screen some cases of heartless act conducted by these insurance companies. In one case of a young girl her insurance company refused to pay for her ear implant and leaving her deaf in one ear. Similarly another man who was going through the agony of terminal cancer and was in need of resettlement of his bone marrow was denied with proper medication and eventually the man died (Kugel, 2007).

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