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The movies that have been selected for this particular assignment include Planet Earth (2006), Sicko (2007) and Taken (2008). All the three movies deal with issues that the world is facing currently.

While Sicko and Planet Earth are documentary movie while Taken is fictional. The movie Taken is related with human trafficking and slavery. The second movie Planet Earth as its name suggests is related with nature, while the third one Sicko scrutinizes the American health care system with special focus on the health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry (Gleiberman, 2006).

The first movie which is being reviewed is Planet Earth. It was made in four years and till now it is the most expensive documentary series. The movie is divided into eleven episodes where each episode deals with a specific feature of the Planet Earth. For instance an episode was designed on Fresh water in which the importance of fresh water was identified. Similarly in another episode the significance of jungles was highlighted and the roles these jungles play in the climatic. Apart from that the wild life was also given special attention and the. The basic concept of this movie is to create awareness in the public about Planet Earth and how each individual can play their part in making Earth a better place to live.

The second movie focuses on the global issue of human trafficking and human slavery. The history of Trafficking in human beings especially in women and children is not a new thing but in today’s world it has taken a new dimension. The movie Taken revolves around the story of a retired CIA officer whose daughter becomes the victim of trafficking while she gets kidnapped. The movie identifies the routes through which these traffickers moves and the process from which they goes through.

The third movie Sicko unfolds the American healthcare system. The director of the movie has put side by side the American for profit health system against the nonprofit universal health care systems of other countries with the likes of Canada, UK, France and Cuba. The director has been able to aware the public that they also have the right to be well. State run health system is successfully being run in most of the developed countries so why the American’s are deprived of it. The movie also provides high official something to think about and to reach a solution which is in best interest of the people of America.

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