The interesting point of the poem is that the poet conveys her themes through the form of the poem as well. But the form of the poem is very simple while the theme is neither explicitly written by the poet nor is it shallow. Rather the thematic garb of the poem is complex and implicit. When analyzed the theme comes to light as the poet manifests the depression of the colonel who told the parrot to shut up and pushed himself from the table in response to the parrot’s greeting which shows the seclusion of the colonel from society (Forche).

The reference of ears in the poem also has profound thematic significance as when the colonel throws human ears on the table they were like dead peach halves which suggests the human ignorance to reality and truth as how human beings face demise of ideologies as a consequence of ignorance.

The colonel also throws light on the theme of deception as he says I am tired of fooling around (Forche). Moreover the theme of military dictatorship also comes to light as the image of suppressed voices and ears suggests that the liberty of the people is repressed, ears pressed the ground (Forche). The rhyming pattern is simple and prosaic as the poet relies on the use of the literary devices of imagery and symbols to convey the meaningful themes in the poem.

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