Ariss, S. (2002). Computer monitoring: benefits and pitfalls facing management. Information and Management , 553-558.

This paper would serve as a good source in discussing the ethical issues related to the use of remote control software on networks.  These papers particularly details the advantages and disadvantages of computer monitering and make recommendations on specific steps that can be taken to safely and ethically perform the same task.  This paper specifically discusses how the monitoring activity can take place and then present the debate on the issue by highlighting some of strong points that are put forward in favor of or against the monitoring of employees activities on computer in a organization. It then points out the solutions to the point of contentions in the presented debate.

Citrix Systems Inc. (2010). Citrix XenApp Official Website. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from Citrix System Inc. Website:

The website of Citrix System Remote Desktop Control application, XenApp. The site serves as a comprehensive and authentic resource of information on the features and working of the application. The website contains information on application virtualization and how XenApp enable virtual application delivery and management on an enterprise class infrastructure. It provide a detailed introduction to the various features of the application,  its architecture and working,  its features and benefits, and other useful information which helps in understanding the purpose and functionality of the application. This website is a great source of information for XenApp, a widely used commercial remote desktop control application, which can be discussed in the paper.

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