Rajasekar and Philomenathan define research as a logical and systematic search for new and useful information on a particular topic. A research is an investigation of finding answers to social as well as scientific problems with the help of an objective and systematic analysis.

A research may make new contributions to existing knowledge; hence, only through research it is possible to make advancement in a field. More accurately, research seeks predictions of events as well as explanation, relationships and theories for them. The importance of research cannot be denied, both in scientific and non-scientific fields. In today’s world problems, processes, events and phenomenon occur every day. To handle them, solutions and suggestions that can be practically implemented are needed. Research helps the scientist in finding out the cause of such occurrences so that they can be understood and in devising solutions that would better address such occurrences. More precisely, research act as a source of knowledge and provide guidelines to solving problems which lead to significant improvement in our lives. Research methodology refers to a systematic way which leads to the solution of a problem. A research methodology defines the procedures through which researchers describe, explain and predict any phenomenon. In other words, a research methodology is the study of methods through which knowledge is acquired. The aim of research methodology is to provide a plan of work for the research. Research methodologies are thought of as one of the most important factor in the analysis of any element that is being studied. It is because the findings obtained through these research methodologies assist the researcher in coming up with a proper conclusion (Rajasekar et al. 2006). The purpose of this chapter is to describe various research methodologies that are current used in the industry and how they would apply to this research. Furthermore, much of the emphasis in this chapter is on highlighting the limitations of the research and which method of research would be appropriate for meeting the goals of this research.

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