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Literature Review

1. Introduction

Aircrafts are sensitive machines, hence it is required that their flight crew as well as the staff that is involved in their complicated operation is selected and train carefully and comprehensively. Furthermore, it is also necessary to ensure that the equipment they use matches their capabilities and that they are protected from the hazards of the environment they work in. This goal is achieve through the study and integration of human factors in the work and tools used in the aviation industry (Wiener, Nagel, Smolensky, & Stein, 1998).

2. Human Factors

The discipline of Human Factors attempts to integrate the capabilities of the aircraft with the performance of humans in order to achieve the well being of all personnel involved regardless of their position, in an attempt achieve maximum effectiveness of the aircraft operation. The application human factors in aviation cover a variety of fields. These include study of human capabilities, system analysis and design, control and automation, processing and viewing of information, management of the workload of the crew, psychological and physiological influences as well as accident prevention (Wise, Garland & Hopkin, 2009)..

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