Sample Research Paper

This research paper will be dealing with phishing, email fraud, internet fraud, how its done, its consequences and different approaches of how to cope with it. Phishing scams is also discussed which are designed to specially to fool the person and get know how about the sensitive information. as it is a growing threat explanaton is given of how to recognize and avoid such phishing sacms.

The sources mainly comprises of different anti phishing, anti fraud, email fraud books. The primary sources are taken from books on phishing. Apart from that some of the references are given from research journals and web sites. It would mainly focus on the techineques that could be used in order to get rid of this growing phenomenon.

As it is hurting most of the businessess now a days, real time corporate examples are also discussed which would help to develop a better undrstanding of how to get out of such situations.

The paper also incorporates with experiences of phishing security expert and how they develop different strategies to respond such kind of incidents.

The different aspects which are discussed would benefit in better understanding of this subject matter. Different kind of prevention matters and techineques that could prove vital in dealing with such kind of activities.

The paper would help in developing proper knowledge and information about the potential issues that could be used as a internet scam or phishing or email fraud. Mainly focusing on how its done, why its done and how one can prevent it. Different prevention techniques that should be used in order avoid it. All in all a complete guide on how to circumvent email fraud.

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