The movie Chocolat is riddled with innuendos and stereotypical relationships that exist in society in general, and have existed through the ages. It explores the idea of traditions and how they affect societal behavior, giving rise to stereotypes that are good as well as bad, beneficial as well as disadvantageous for the community as a whole.

It represents the thinking of the leaders that generate these stereotypes and how conforming to their opinions is, according to them, essential for the society to remain civil and generate acceptable behavior. As a result, anyone who may not confirm to those opinions is shunned or scorned upon and is treated with hostility. This suppresses those in minority and thus keeps them from voicing their own ideologies, thereby setting them aloof from the rest and keeping them from emerging as prosperous members of the society. That has been the way of societies of old and this movie goes at some length to show how the voicing of a minorities’ opinion and with their sheer goodwill can the thinking of the majority be changed to accept new ideas and abandon rigid social conventions, consequently setting a new standard for what is acceptable and unacceptable.

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