From the technical perspective, the website is quite user friendly. The front page of the website greets the visitor with an image of a diary signifying the core purpose of the website. The page also contain interactive links, which when hovered over describe what the information contained in links is about. The purpose of the website is also mentioned at the top of the front page.

The different sections of the website include image archive of Martha Mallard’s complete diary, which has been made easy to read by making it searchable via date. The website also contains detail information about Laurel Ulrich book “A Midwife Tale” as well as the film based on the book. Each page on the website contains a location marker on the top which tells where a visitor is currently in the site map. The content of the website is also reachable through links which connect together the relevant information on different websites. This makes it easier for the website visitor to roam around the website and locate the desired content, increasing the usability of the website (DoHistory Website). The pages also use a blue and white combination (with blue font on white background or vice versa) which also makes the information easy to read. All links there were clicked on the website were found to be alive, however, the website does not contain any information from which the date of last update can be evaluated. The timeline page on the website also provides information till the year 1999 providing a clue that the website has not been updated since some time. The website also contains some multimedia contents for which Macromedia Shockwave is required. This included pages describing the Man mid-wife event and the event of one rape and two stories. These content illustrate the accounts describing the events, such as the multimedia content of a cartoon that was published at the time of controversy of man-mid wife (DoHistory Website).

All in the entire website is a valuable resource for history information for both students and researcher. The website contained detailed and accurate information about the life of Martha Mallard which was collected through her diary and large number of other resources.

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