Problem identification:

The basic problem that So Good is facing is rather related to its image as soya milk. It has also been involved in some controversies that as also damaged its reputation very badly in the UK market. The major issues that so good are facing are discussed below.

It won’t be wrong if we say that their strength has become their weakness, means soya milk which was their main strength which was making them different from the conventional milk has become their primary source of problem. In this regard there have been certain issues that have damaged their reputation as a whole and also created a doubt in the mind of the customer.

First and foremost the controversy regarding the GM foods is addressed. Basically the term GM stands for genetically modified foods. It is most commonly linked with those plants and crops that are used for humans and animals consumption, modified with the latest biological techniques to improve its characteristics like nutrition, resistance against germs etc (Office of Biological and Environmental Research, 2008).

The issue that So Good faced was there was a common perception in the mind of the general public that GM products are not very healthy and dangerous for health, reason being the interference that has been made during its modification, which would have caused disturbance to its natural nutrition.

Another similar kind of issue was raised when Food standards agency (FSA) published a report that said soya is not as healthy as So Good claims it to be. They supported this claim with a study that showed peanut allergy was increasing in Britain because of the use of soya milk.(Data Monitor, 2009).

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