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Structure of the Law Dissertation Offered | Term Paper Queen

The structure of the essay is based on five chapters that are mostly used for any research or dissertation. Following is the structure of this report.

Chapter One: Introduction

In this introductory chapter, the author described a brief overview of the topic in order to give preliminary understanding to the readers. It further gives background on the topic that is explained in the light of laws and acts. The purpose and the aims of the topic are presented in this chapter, therefore it is helpful for the readers to understand that what this topic or issue is all about and what are the key areas that are going to be discussed in the further report.

Chapter Two: Literature Review

The second chapter of this paper is the critical review or the literature review. In this section, the theoretical review on the topic is defined. This portion is based on the objectives that are defined in chapter one of the paper. This chapter will give an in-depth analysis of the issue that will help in writing the relevant conclusion.

Chapter Three: Research Methodology

Chapter three is the research methodology chapter where different methods used to gain the aims and objectives of the research is discussed. This chapter aims to identify the sources and methods that are used for the data collection. It also mentions the ways through which the data is gathered.

Chapter Four: Analysis

Chapter four is based on the analysis of the paper. This analysis gives a concrete outcome of the data that is gathered and helps readers to understand the outcome of the research. It addresses various doubts that usually arise in the reader’s mind related to the topic.

Chapter Five: Conclusion and Recommendation

Chapter five is the final chapter that mainly focuses on the concluding remarks of the paper. It gives a precise outline of the paper and recommendations based on it. This chapter sums-up the paper.