Teacher waits less to receive the answer from the less achiever, Instead of waiting more on the turn of the low achiever or by giving chance to the students, rephrasing the question in simple words for the students, to make a clue or a hint in order to motivate the student, teacher take faster decision and inappropriate reward are given to the students when it comes to low achievers in comparison with high achievers making the students to think that they lack the ability to perform correctly. Such teachers create problems for low learners as compared to the quick learners. It has also been reported that more admiration is provided to quick learners than the slow learners. Also, they do not communicate with low learners much often. They tend to behave sympathetically for low learners rather than providing opportunities to succeed and excel. Teachers do not give support to the low learners and also they do no contact them verbally. It was observed that these all descriptions have support of studies. It is believed that it do no demonstrate teacher as non-effective. These descriptions can be utilized by making the guidelines for improvement in school or class. Supervisors should evaluate the behavior between teacher and student. The first factor includes change in duration of time to learn specific topic. They believe that every student learning capability is different so every student will not learn at the same time. Practice in groupings is the second factor. The efficient teachers do not keep the student in the fixed group throughout the year; rather they notice the influence of the group on the student particularly of slow learners. They make major groups, gives assignments to them, support in class and provide assistance or tutorials.

Methodology is the last and the third most factors. It means that method of learning for every student is different. Thus, teachers utilize different ideas and tactics to make students learn their lesson. At times, all the teacher need is to maintain the predictability and to control the classroom interaction and communications that may promote actions towards the low achievers and decrease their chances of achievement. Teaches whose have fear of losing the control on the class may ignore the low achievers in every possible way or May response the questions when they are in the situation where the teachers are sure that the situation will be in controlled. Many teachers less interact with the low achievers in order to maintain the control of the classroom which feels unwarm. As the teachers always ensure to maintain the control, they may not want the low achievers to participate in either of the activities, and want them to stay away from participating as well as not to encourage them to communicate often to build the control of the class.

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