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The historians have, says Herbert, the most cumbersome task on their shoulders that is to extract truth of the events from the ‘web’ of fictitious accounts and propaganda (Herbert 137). In this essay the contribution of the historians is assessed in the deineation of the events of 1857.

The main points of Savage’s essay, The Indian Rebellion of 1857: A Crisis in British Imperial Consciousness, include the opinions expressed by the British side mainly through newspaper. The newspapers of the time served to exacerbate the sentiments of the British public who as a consequence came to demand quicker and harsher measures to be taken against the rebels of 1857 but when the atrocities of the British soldiers were increased the British people were left with the cumber on their consciousness.

Savage mainly presents the primary sources, letters, as well as secondary sources, newspapers, to construct his argument. Savage does not take sides with any of the parties, British or Indian. The British ‘tended to see themselves not only preeminent in military, industrial, and commercial strength but also as morally superior to their rivals’ and they assumed their responsibility to ‘lead the European advance of civilization itself’ (Savage 113).

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