Sample Term Paper

This increased the level of globalization exponentially by bringing the complementary and correlates business together across from the political borders of the region. It now became possible for the business to manage their operations in a more interactive and responsive manner while saving time through the information technology of the internet.

In the period leading to the event of the new millennium , i.e. 2000 the multinational as well as the small scale entrepreneurial organizations a in Canada, United States, Europe,  and Asia integrated their operations and pondered over outsourcing solutions to be more efficient while delivering to the target audience.


The business and government entities formed operational corporate relationships by which they were able to interact n share their competitive advantage and resources to attain a comparative advantage in the market over the other players and co0mpetition.


However it has to be kept in mind that with the advance and growth of the region the business entities also started facing stiff competition and an increased diversity in the work force as well as the target market. This has no lead to business diversity management and diversity based programs where people from different places of origin come together and interact in order to determine the best possible solution for the achievement of the corporation’s goals while safeguarding their interests.

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