Sample Term Paper

Katherine Mansfield, a notable short story writer of 20th century, wrote stories in which he attempted to rid of her bourgeoisie background that had posed certain stereotypical roles on her for being a woman. Her stories reflect her effort to make the women free from the webs of patriarchal society and to explore and assert their individuality in the world of men.

T.S Eliot’s poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred’ is about a confused man who is caught in the emotional turmoil and fails to express his feelings to the woman he loves while he does not succeed to resolve the internal conflict as the day never arrives when he expresses his feelings. D. H. Lawrence’s novel ‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’ shows how Mabel, the horse dealer’s daughter, falls in the illusion that Jack , who saved him after he tried to commit suicide, is in love with her but Jack does not find himself in love with Mabel but he marries her. The novel is about the emptiness of feelings and love, Mabel might have found her love but Jack is caught in an unwilling relationship and fails to free himself from the net of Mabel’s love till the end of the novel. Lawrence in his poem ‘Tortoise shout’ reflects the internal and emotional conflicts that the tortoise seems to experience.

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