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Needle Exchange programs are some of the most successfully employed and significantly decreases the chances of contracting HIV and hepatitis C. Studies have shown that such programs can decrease the risk of contracting HIV by 50 to 80%. They also act as gateways to social and health services. Methadone Maintenance treatment is another program used for treating Heroin dependence. The use of MMT has been very successful in the past decade and has the advantage of being low cost. Certain users may be long term Heroin abusers who may have failed in several treatment plans. They may be resistant to MMT and be prescribed heroin leading to better social, mental and physical outcomes. Supervised consumption facilities are legally sanctioned medically supervised areas where drug users can inject or inhale pre-obtained drugs. This helps by providing access to services such as overdose response units, detoxification, addiction counseling, mental health services and methadone treatment. They may also test drugs for contaminants which can result in unintended adverse reactions (GA, AW, & GA., 2001).

Following a mechanistic approach the twelve step program is a guideline which provides the course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion or other behavioral problems. It originated as an Alcoholics Anonymous program as a study of how to recover from alcoholism. Since then it has been used as foundation to create several other programs such as Narcotics Anonymous. The program consists of the twelve steps which are supplemented by the twelve traditions. It focuses on healing the human structure which is represented by the physical, the mental and the spiritual. They consider addiction as a progressive disease with no cure which infects every aspect of the individual’s life.

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