Sample Term Paper


From little objects like cell phones to items that are enormous. Airplanes, the biggest of all inventions, have changed the way of travelling and have an innovative personality on the whole. The impacts of such an innovation have compelled mankind to think their travel as a different experience from the ones that were done before the emergence of the A380 Airbus. This paper is going to draw attention at length, the innovative creation of the A380 Airbus and its impact on the modern life of people.

A review of Technological Innovation

The innovation of technology is a long term procedure via which several new and in some cases improvised technologies are built for prevalent usage. In a common thought of it, innovation can be considered as the composition of thorough research, extensive development, exhibition, and consumption. Although it is plentifully comprehensible that innovation is a non-linear procedure. It means that innovation has stages which require feedbacks and interconnections to proceed, and frequently even the stages themselves cannot be insignificantly disaggregated. Innovation requires a collaborative approach ranging from one to many organizations and human resources which can underpin the project being held. The firms that offer their contribution for the discovery of a new innovation are required to put up laboratories for testing, equipments for development, finance to run the research and technologies to go by, and technical facilities, all on their own expenditures. Such kind of collective efforts bring out innovation that revolutionize the market requirements (Hippel, 1988).

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