Sample Term Paper

Abortion has always been one of the most controversial issues in our history. Not only does this act raise question regarding life, human existence and our mortality, but also calls into question the rights of the mother, father and the unborn child as well the duty of their society to protect them. This paper will explore the current state of this act in Islamic countries, explore its historical, religious and social implications and provide an argument for why women in Islamic countries should be allowed to have abortions in specific cases.

Abortion is one of the most commonly practiced procedures in the world today. The methodology of abortion can be described in two ways, direct and indirect. Indirect methods involve the use of non-surgical instruments and were the primary method of aborting a fetus in ancient times (Dabash & Roudi-Fahimi, 2008). An Egyptian Papyrus from 1550 BC holds the earliest records of an induced abortion. The Chinese used to prescribe mercury as an abortion inducer 5,000 years ago. Greek and Roman texts often spoke of gynecological practices which may be interpreted as abortion. Roman writings show evidence that society at the time did not consider abortion to be an immoral act. Evidence has shown that the proliferation of these techniques in Western Europe caused their diffusion across the globe including areas such as the Middle East and North Africa. Through there is limited information available regarding the historical practice of abortion in the Islamic countries it is surmised that due to Islamic religious ideals it was outlawed at the time (, 2005).

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