Sample Term Paper

Family planning experts say that the current realities on the ground do not reflect the laws and traditions surrounding this practice. They raise questions regarding the validity of such laws and say that society is far more permissive towards this act as long as it is done within the guise of a couple who is married. In fact they cite cases where husbands actually supported their wives to a point where they stood by them during their operations and were responsible for patient care afterwards (Daragahi, 2008).

It is here in these countries where laws are tailored to exclude abortion where 98% of unsafe abortions take place. In Syria where abortions are outlawed except in the case represented above studies showed that 4 percent of married women between the ages of 15 and 49 admitted to having at least one abortion in their lifetime. In Iran a demographic and health survey found that 33% of pregnancy which occurred was not by choice. The survey also found that 26% of the married women in that country have an abortion in their lifetime. The expansion of family programs in Turkey and Tunisia has decreased their abortions rates from 18% in 1993 to 11% in 2003 (Dabash & Roudi-Fahimi, 2008).

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