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This paper focuses on transportation of slaves, the lives of slaves and the institutionalization along with the chronological importance of slavery in during the 18th century. Legitimization of slave system into the class structure in 18th century reflected upon the very basis of skin color. The arrival of the very first Africans in Jamestown in 1619 began a system of slave tradition in American which developed over a course of 150 years. Slavery became ingrained in the social order, gradually being backed by a series of preventive laws which could not overrun by the preaching of the people and families in the 18th century.

Slavery was the establishment of the farming structure and vital to its profitability. Originally, agriculturalists bough slaves mainly to heave tobacco for selling to other countries. (Morgan 1993) By the closing of the 18th century, rich farmers were using slaves in an expanded farming system. Confined African Americans were also used as trained exporters in the countryside and in Williamsburg. Some of the African Americans were also employed as domestic servants in the homes of rich white Americans.

That interdependence of whites and Africans was not just uneven but was also disparaging. The revulsions tolerated by imprisoned African Americans, either physical or psychological were innumerous. (Takaki 2004)White people were trapped up in a structure that measured social division relying upon the possession of Africans as slaves. Economic dependence on slavery, fears about the costs of liberation, and unbending ethnic intolerance and cultural prejudice all add to the persistence of slavery in the period of sovereignty.

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