Sample Term Paper

As they start with the discussion of African American literature, ‘By the early 1800s African American literature appeared in many forms’ (Perry & Worley, 1997, p.xvi). The authors also tell about he efforts by the government as the president, Rosevelt, promised the ‘country for New Deal’ and the ‘Federal Writer’s Project’ was ‘one part of Predient Roosevelt’s New Deal’ (Perry & Worley, 1997, p.xix).

A herd of ‘gifted African-American intellectuals’ led the African Americans in the United States’ and in ‘Harlem’ these ‘intellectuals and artists argued about the future of the African Americans’, while some ‘conservative African Americans were of the view that literature written by African Americans would “uplift” the race, that is show African American in positive light’ (Perry & Worley, 1997, p.xviii). They go on to reveal that many ‘African-American writers and critics embraced the ideas of the Black Arts Movement’ while the ‘conservative African-American critics argued against it’ (Perry & Worley, 1997, p.xxi). Mariline J. Wilkins’ ‘Harriet Tubman is in my Blood’ is also included in the anthology (Perry & Worley, 1997, p.178).

‘Since their enforced and brutal emigration’, says Abarry (1990), ‘to North America about 400 years ago, African-Americans have forged rich and dynamic literary forms that today have become an important and unique aspect of American literature and culture’ (Abarry, 1990, p.379). It is the ‘meanings, beauty, and power of African-American literary creations’ that have ‘evolved to enrich American literature and culture’ (Abarry, 1990, p.379).

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