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Upon discovering Carter’s list, he offered to finance the trip and accompany Carter on fulfilling his wish-list. Along the way, Edward grows to like this man he initially refused to share a room with, who incidentally falls way below his social standards. He forms a seemingly strong bond with Carter on their escapades, sharing with him his comical insight on life. In one scene, he requests Carter to participate with him in an orgy, knowing full well that he was married, insisting that it did not amount to betrayal, “Orgy’s not even unfaithful. It’s just . . . professional.” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007).

This showed Edward’s insistence on coming to good terms with this man he chose to venture around the world with, who started off as a stranger but has quickly grown over him. By offering witty humor as solace and even advice on Carter’s marriage at one point, Edward demonstrates a willingness to loosen a little and build fresh relationships. Of course, much of it was dependent upon what the two individuals had in common, which in this instance was a terminal disease, and thus this flex in his personality can be attributed to a social factor. He also goes on to share the sad instances of his life, mainly with regards to his daughter, who has disowned him for trying to teach her husband a lesson. This is a very touchy topic for him and for that matter, becomes a secret that he must have found very hard to divulge. So considering how he has flexed himself to relay such information to Carter, who he has not known for long, shows how his personality has adjusted.

Carter, as we have previously discussed, is more of a thinker. His personality is more akin to building relationships and making them last. He has a long standing marriage with his wife and has been working as an auto mechanic for 46 years. In the moments he has to himself on the hospital bed before the doctor comes and delivers the bad news, he scribes a full fledge bucket list of things to do before he kicks the bucket, inspired by his freshman days of old as instructed by his professor at the time. When he discovers that he has very limited time to live, he throws away the list, further indicating that a lack of certainty in his life (that death is looming around he corner) influences his decision makings, even though in this instance, should prompt him to act faster. Persuasion by Edward may have caused him to change his mind but if it was not for that, his conviction had reached a standstill.

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