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From a political view point, aging baby boomers are characterized by a value-oriented approach to politics, as such; they tend to be highly concerned with almost all issues. According to an article published by the New Politics Institute in February 2008, ‘The Baby Boomers are not clearly either “liberal/progressive” or “conservative” across all issue clusters. On some (lifestyle and crime) they seem “conservative” and others (theIraqwar) they are relatively “liberal.” On still others (economic intervention and environmental protection) they are relatively polarized, to some extent along gender lines.’ (Politics of the Millennial Generation). The article further suggests that their political emergence during the turmoil and rocky politics of the 1960’s and 1970’s led the baby boomers to have rather negative perceptions of the political process.

Immigrants into theU.S.contribute about half the growth in the labor force. Adopting immigration policy that focuses on legal immigrants with skills needed for the national economy could be a solution to the aging population problems. However, in the current state of world affairs and rather charged political climate, the Americans find it hard to trust foreigners with solutions to their problems resulting from the aging domestic population. (Vestal)

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