Sample Term Paper

The shopping habits of the Americans have been influenced by a number of factors, the economic disarray and multiculturalism being the most prominent ones. The patterns of buying (or shopping) in any part of the world vary according to the age of the people, region of the country, income earned by the people. The experts are of the view that the way consumers shop changes rapidly. In the United States of America the pattern changes too. The Americans spend a large part of their income on food and clothes. But after 1930s the fatal blow of recession hit the world and the United States of America was also affected by the economic depression.

There came an evident change in the lives of the Americans who thereafter limited their visits to the restaurants preferring to cook at home. An average American was said to have saved only less than 5% of their take home income but after economic decline tended to save even if they would have restored their prosperity.

The American standard of living has undergone improvements since 1883. The improvements include broad consumption as well. The Americans love self-independence and freedom that is the most prominent reason behind the Americans’ spending too much on them.

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