Sample Term Paper

From this point Napoleon takes over as the leader of the farm and apart from banning all meetings, he declares that, the pigs that will be making all the decisions in the farm. Napoleon decides that the windmill project should go on to completion and all the animals declare to put their efforts to see project completed. Boxer, the carthorse is very passionate about this project and thus he declares to dedicate all his efforts towards it.

After the completion of the windmill they one day find that the windmill has been toppled after a storm. Although the human farmers in the neighborhood say that the walls were made too thin, Napoleon says that it is Snowball came back to the farm to plan his downfall. Napoleon declares that any animal, which is opposed to his plans, will meet death from the sharp teeth of his attack dogs. Boxer on the hand supports Napoleon and he says “Napoleon is always right” napoleon becomes more of a human being and he starts sleeping on bed and drinking whisky. In addition to doing business with the neighboring human farmers, he declares that Snowball is a villain.

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