Sample Term Paper

There are a number of approaches to constitutional theory (the Positive Constitutional Theory and Constitutional change). The constitution also evolves through time, this is explained as follows: “The constitutional system works and develops over time. It focuses on how government and political institutions interact and influence each other, and how features of politics and institutional structures influence the creation and development of constitutional doctrine”. (J.M.Balkin, “What Brown Teaches Us about Constitutional Theory” (2004)90 Virginia Law Review 1537, at 1537).

The positive constitutional change that affects and energizes the society makes the government strong. In my view such changes ensure protection of political and liberal democracy. The political and liberal democracy present a most suited government based on the freedom of rights of the individuals, such kind of government has a strong political mechanism, it is increases protection of basic human rights, and avoids civil conflicts, within the state it also promotes security internally and externally, an example of such a state is Iceland’s liberal democracy was given when it was founded as a Republic in 1944 , the country’s supreme law made adjustments as Iceland itself went through many changes. The constitution is a dynamic document according to the positive theory.

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