Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: For an autonomous system to work, it must have posses several types of knowledge. For example, it is important for an autonomous system to have knowledge of their surroundings (World Knowledge) in which they operate. By recognizing and differentiating between different objects in their surrounding, an autonomous system is able to behave precisely as required. The World Knowledge can be a-priori (pre-fed) or can be learned through experiences. Furthermore, an autonomous system is also required to have knowledge of how data is represented.

This data can be pre-stored or obtained from the sensors while working or can be a user input. In taking a decision, a system is required to know how to interpret data (such as its context) in order to correctly judge the action required. In addition, an autonomous system is also required to posse’s knowledge of the behaviours and working of its different components. For example, the vacuum cleaner, being an autonomous system is required to understand how its different components, such as its motor or brush work. This type of knowledge allows the vacuum cleaner to correctly interpret if the results of its command are in line with its objective (that is cleaning) and to check if all components are indeed in working condition. All three types of knowledge are required in the case of the vacuum cleaner.

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