Sample Essay

McPherson has put into light the darkest moments of the day that is supposed to be the longest day in American history. The civil war went on for long but there are such moments that become the decisive point of the war’s future. Battle of Antietam was that moment when United States had determined what her future is going to be after the war. It was freedom that became the cause of American Civil war. Interestingly, in America the meanings of freedom were being defined in ways different from one another.

McPherson quotes that there were five definitions of freedom at the time of American Civil War. All it took was the ascendancy of a single one. President Abraham Lincoln used to say that we all declare for liberty, Neither Confederates not the Union kept the liberation of 4 million slaves in their freedom definition. Confederacy’s opinion was different (p.XIV – p.XVI).

Lincoln tried to value and work for all the opinions to keep the peace and integrity. People were fighting for their political rights, the freedom in their definition, autonomous rights and sovereignty of states, and equality. Lincoln’s opinion about Confederates was that their rule would obliterate the nation probably.

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