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Birth of African American Culture’ by Sydney Mints and Richard Price. In the final chapter of the book she calls for the need to reverse the process of commoditization by denouncing it in order to assert a social position in the American society.

In her book Smallwood does not write pages for the things that had been a focus of studies for many historians rather she gives evidences for her arguments as she gives the true experience of Charles Ball who used to be a slave himself, ‘Consider the scene ex-slave Charles Ball witnessed in South Carolina’ (Smallwood, 2007, 189), of an African-born man who put a canoe on his son’s grave for allowing him to go back to Africa. Smallwood makes her argument strong by the anecdote of ‘saltwater’ that implied the obligation for the slaves to perform ritual to meet the needs during slavery on Atlantic system. Smallwood wants the readers to see the damage done by the Atlantic system that turned the human beings into commodity snatching them of their identity and individuality and alienated them from the external world that looked at them as an alien community or a herd of chained slaves. It questions the issue of African identity in the American society.

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