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The United Kingdom constitution is drawn from a variety of written documents and un written constitutional convention as these sources are of varying importance, as the United Kingdom uses the common law legal system ,judgments made by judges are also form a source of the constitution, many sources are ancient in origin and some form the principles of the constitution .

The constitutional conventions of the United Kingdom, such as the duty of the sovereign to act on the advice of the ministers, are not formally enforceable in court.(An Introduction to the study of the law of the Constitution) by A.V.Dicey. states the two most important principles of the British Constitution, they are the principles of Parliamentary sovereignty and rule of law,the Parliament is the supreme law making body, the rule of law is the application of the law as all are equal in law, as a unitary state the powers of locally devolved bodies are dependent on Acts of Parliament, The main principle of this theory  means that the monarch technically rules but in practice she does not but has a ceremonial role only. The labor government of Prime Minister Tony Blair made many constitutional reforms in late 1990’s The recent reforms have also decentralized the United Kingdom by setting up devolved parliament in Scotland and assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland. Recent changes also include the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 which alters the structure of the House of Lords to separate its judicial and legislative functions.

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