Sample Term Paper

. Company Profile:

Cadbury is a global confectionery brand with a long list of products from chocolates to chewing gum candy bar, etc. Originate by John Cadbury in the late 1824 Cadbury has achieved tremendous success in these years throughout the world. Their most popular products are Cadbury Milk chocolates, Cadbury Bourneville chocolates, Cadbury Dairy milk, Cadbury Dreams, Cadbury Milk Tray etc. In 2007Cadbury managed to attain a profit of €497m which gives an idea of Cadbury’s acceptance in the confectionery market (Business Wire ).

2. Fair-trade:

The term fair trade means that the farmers receive fair prices for the products they produce. This is an organized social movement which aims to protect the rights of the farmers of the developing countries. Apart from fair prices it also owes in promoting healthy and conducive working conditions for the farmers.

3. Ethical & Sustainable sourcing:

Cadbury has become Fair trade certified brand; this means that Cadbury’s production of chocolate has been verified by the Fair trade labeling organization (FLO). In order to achieve FLO certification the company must achieve the standard that is set by FLO regarding fair payments of the products and good working conditions. They have also launched a program by the name of The Cadbury Coco Partnership, this program help coco farmers to improve their income by continuous improvement in quality and hence discouraging child labor.

Cadbury has been a member of the Roundtable of the sustainable palm oil RSPO. In order to promote this Cadbury is only buying palm oil from those members who are working on the same way. Sustainability could only be achieved through quality consistent and uninterruptable supplies. In this regard Cadbury has been in the completion of the sustainability assessment template which has lots of factors like economic, social and environmental criteria (Cadbury).

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