Sample Term Paper

Canadians have become more aware of the impact vehicle industrial waste, car emissions have on the environment. Global warming is now a possibility, with concerns beign on the effects it has on the environment, changes to the climate and weather patterns become a topics of interest[1].

Canada was among the 160 nations that signed the Kyoto protocol of 1995, as they committed themselves to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The interest of the nation has now turned to environmental protection through the control of emissions and control of the impact the transportation industry has on the environment[2]. It has been perceived necessary to consider this industry due its rapid development and growth in magnitude over the decades.

[1] NEIC-National Energy Information Center, (2004), NEIC-Greenhouse Gases, Climate change, and Energy, Retrieved Feb 22, 2011, from

 [2]Marion Chertow, The IPAT Equation and Its Variants: Changing Views of Technology and Environmental Impact, (Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2001) Vol. 4, p. 13-29.

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