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There have been a reported 1464 deaths of the coalition forces as of 2009. These deaths mainly include U.S soldiers, volunteered, stop-loosed, or otherwise. That is a figure of concern for the families of personnel currently enrolled into the army and shipped to Afghanistan given the growing lack of support for the war. There have been a total of 481 deaths of American soldiers in 2009 amongst the two coalition groups, Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF. This number effectively renders 2009 as the deadliest year for the U.S, a trend that was started in the year 2003. The number has gradually increased since.

The facts indicate that the Afghan opposition is growing stronger year to year, attacking more violently and inflicting deadlier attacks. The sheer increase in the number of Improvised Explosive Devices in 2008, rising 45% as compared to 2007, is an indication of their growing arsenal and regrouping that is a cause of concern for the U.S military. The Taliban have been known for enduring the worst of times with great patience and reverence, and have a history with large scale covert conflicts, having toppled the Soviet Union through the help of neighboring nations, to have President Obama further the notion of sending in more troops to counter the supposed regrouping. Very recently, in July 2009 alone there have been 828 reported IED incidents, killing 49 in the process.

This coupled with the even larger number of injured Americans, totaling to around 4500 with more than half of them being rendered dysfunctional to the extent that they were unable to return to duty makes this a very deadly proposition. Along with that, the Taliban are seen to be increasing in strength, reported at four fold since 2007, and this does not sit well with the popularity consensus at all, nor does it make economic sense to the amputees and disabled. The number of civilian deaths on the Afghanistan side is another story, though just as crucial considering how much worse their already-bad standard of life would become post-war.


As the aforementioned data would suggest, the war efforts in Afghanistan, though initially a predictable reaction, have been prolonged much longer than initially planned. This is in accordance with the popularity votes within the country. Support for the war has dropped and the votes have gone up 49% in favor of America-should-mind-its-own-business in 2009 as opposed to 30%. Even Robert Gates admitted to needing fresh eyes and therefore replaced the current U.S commander with Stanley McChrystal, which suggests the war efforts are not going as planned. Chrystal himself claimed that the Taliban are winning the war. This makes the Afghanistan war a little more than merely skeptical and the loss of lives and economic fallout, thus, does not justify the freedom and security gains, even if it shook the Taliban foothold effectively, since the Taliban were not initially the problem to begin with.

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