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The book quotes various cases that show how those asylums were catering the mentally ill people. The case of a young girl Lassie and thirty years old Anne showcase the working of asylums of the trans-colonial era. Lassie was brought to the mental asylum by her father; she was regarded insane due the series of incidents that hampered her conventional ways of living. Lassie’s mother died and as a consequence her family and relatives were scattered. On the other hand Anne was also brought to the mental asylum by her father but her reported reason of insanity was genetic one (Coleborne, 2010). The strategy of mental asylums was initially to make a patient familiar with the environment of the asylum and later work on the treatment and rehabilitation of those patients.

Catharine Coleborne’s “Madness in the Family” is an authentic blend of cultural and social evidences that shaped the historical importance and working of asylums. These asylums anyhow may not be regarded at par with the contemporary institutions as they portray some loop holes as well (William, 2007). But this text that studied the nature of social and medical beliefs is regarded as an important contemporary illustration of historical archrivals.

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