Sample Term Paper

Ogion is very gentle and patient. Ogion understands the mistakes of nature and tries to rectify them. He has been showed as a very mature wizard who likes to speak only when needed, unlike Gandalf who is very humorous and finds it easy to communicate with other folks from Middle-earth even those who are ignored by others.

Under the patient teachings of Ogion, Ged grows even more restless and commits reckless acts. Unlike Gandalf, Ogion does not enable Ged into any adventurous or risky acts but he tries to teach him into becoming like Ogion himself, silent and patient. Due to the sensitivity of his acts, Ogion gives him a choice to stay with him or to leave him and learn magic at a school for wizards. Here, even though the consequences are known by Ogion, he offers the choice to Ged because he was causing trouble to Ogion’s silent and patient nature. Even though Ged has grown so much respect for Ogion but the greed of doing magic rather than being a great wizard drives him away from Ogion. After leaving Ogion, Ged learns so many spells but due to his arrogant nature, he goes through a lot of trouble. Ultimately he realizes that Ogion was right about showing him the right way and returns to Ogion. Therefore, it can be said that Ogion is a very serious, silent and patient character who does not enable or encourage Ged into doing extraordinary tasks but tries to teach him some patience.

Thus, it can be concluded that even though Ogion and Gandalf are two wizards from two different fantasy worlds but their personalities are completely different from each other. Where Gandalf is very humorous and friendly with others, Ogion is very silent and serious. Gandalf enable Bilbo into doing adventurous acts, while Ogion tries to contain Ged to keep him from doing anything reckless.

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