Sample Term Paper


China is no stranger to the intricate strategies of war. Its history is riddled with conflicts, both internal and external and conquering territories has been a part of its dynastic culture. The first part of the 20th century saw China’s involvement in World War II with engaging and immensely damaging battles with Japan. China emerged victorious as Japan surrendered only to engage in an internal civil war between the Chinese Nationalist Party and Communists Party of China (CCP). The communists won and gained control of mainland China in 1949, establishing the present day People’s Republic of China while banishing the previous government to Taiwan which they controlled.

This renewed China’s vision of unifying the entire country as one-state incorporating within it Taiwan and a few neighboring islands. It was the 50s when China got perceived as a lingering threat not wavered by confrontation to the United States as the then president, Dwight Eisenhower showed support for his Taiwanese allies in the wake of Chinese intentions to merge. Mao Tse-Tung, the then ruler of China, was in a revolutionary mood, and though his country was financially exhausted, he was said to have closely brushed off chances of going to war with the United States.

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