There are many recent events of feminism and LGBT introduction to the society which have shown the doubtful response of the American nation which is partial acceptance on the local levels. Due to these outcomes, it could be concluded the civil rights and civil liberties are not completely implemented and practiced in the society and needs some time to make the community as well as government to perform according to the basic rules of civil rights and civil liberties. The afforded Americans had suffered since the start of the twenty-first century but now they are secure, and in many areas, they are accepted as equal citizens of the United States and their rights are protected as the whites.

The civil liberties according to The Bill of Rights protects an individual from the government power. Some amendments and bills are being passed which are helping in the proper implementation of the civil liberties and civil rights which is highly essential for the correct democracy practice. These amendments helped the local communities to be protected from the government and their unconcerned actions which could cause the problems for the American citizens.

The first amendment allowed freedom of speech, assembly, religion and press in which no one is bounded because of his actions to present his point of view in front of the public. The second, third, and fourth amendments allowed everyone in the United States to keep arms with him for his protection and to protect his property from an intrusion of the government and troops as well as unreasonable search and seizes. The rest of the amendments from fifth to tenth are all concerned with the right to trial by adjudicators, defense from the cruel and unusual sentence. These amendments are supposed to live safely in their homes.

All of the rights are implemented, and bounds the federal government to act against a specified individual but the people are still not given the protection against the state government which can perform its duties according to its choice and laws. Every state has diversity in laws concerning the other state. The afforded Americans in the Obama’s presidency were encouraged to freely move around, and they were not bounded as in the 20th century. But currently after the start of the Trump’s Presidency period, the policies are completely changed, and the whites and natives have started to point out afforded Americans as foreigners for the American nation. The Latin’s and African Americans are highly victimized by it.

The constitution has tried its best to achieve the goals of introducing and implementing The Bill of Rights, and they aimed to protect the citizens from the government lawless attempts against the citizens of the United States. According to many journalists and the policymakers, the federal government is restricted to act, but they mostly use the state governments to act against the criminals. Many people faced serious problems and uncertain acts from the officials against them and their properties. The courts also disobeyed the rules by some specific strategies in which they implemented some of the ten amendments and not all of them which is known as the selective incorporation.