Sample Term Paper

Term Paper: Confidentiality can be described as a term to prevent release of information to unwanted systems or individuals. It is important for business organization to ensure confidentiality of the data that they store on their information or move around in the organization for several reasons. First, the customer and employees information is private information which is only given out to the organization to support its own processes and to ensure its services. There exist contracts between the organization and customers or employees which emphasize that the private information will not be shared. Therefore, any release of such information violates such a contract, hence the organization can face lawsuit of heavy financial loses in terms of damages (Russell, and Gangemi).

Another type of information stored on the information systems in businesses and organization relates to the business researches, plans as well as their financial information. Assuring confidentiality of such information is critical to businesses and organization as unauthorized release of such information would lead to the loss of competitive edge and could lead to complete loss of business. Loss of confidentiality may occur due to internal or external circumstances. In the case of information systems, the loss of confidentiality can occur as a result of activity from a system or individual, which could be a part of the organization itself, or operate from outside the network (Stewart, Tittel, and Chapple).

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