Sample Term Paper

According to (Williams and Germov, p232) it was noted that there was high levels of obesity among the socio-economically challenged members of society. This fact causes confusion on the relationship between food and weight.

As surveys showed, those who were from less economically privileged homes spent most of their money on food as compared to the economically able, New South Wales Parliament Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues (2008). However, this complexity can be explained by the social views of obesity. We find obesity being defined by the society, when there is hunger and little food; those who are big are considered affluent, mean while in times of plenty the culture prefers a thin body (Williams and Germov, p233). For this reason, among the poor, it is ideal to have a big body to show their ability and potential. While the rich do not necessarily need to prove this for there is a cultural background of restraint from overeating.

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