Sample Term Paper

The consequences of these inequalities lead to child dying from hunger at an average of one after every few seconds. Apart from hunger diseases like measles, drinking polluted water also becomes a major reason of such high death toll. The reason of this is because nearly all the goods and services in the global economy are distributed by means of the market mechanism. Around 90 percent of the grain shipments are transacted commercially leaving behind a very small amount which comes on the name of humanitarian aid.

In this regard a very good example can be given of a local library where money is not the leading factor of connecting people rather it is considered as a right for everyone to access to the library to gain knowledge. Why this principle can’t be applied on all the other basic human rights like food, health and housing (Danaher, 2001).

The market which is driven by money faces these kinds of situations. Apart from the phenomenon of more and more wealth in fewer hands also created disparities. As these rich minorities gets more and more wealth chances are that they would become more powerful as they would be getting access to more property of the weaker sectors of the populations. Globalization would also help these wealthy people as their options would get broaden, also as a matter of fact the larger a market expands the more it favors the bigger players as they have the purchasing power and are able to take advantage of the growing economies of scale (Pieper & Taylor, 1998).

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