Sample Term Paper

The ‘constitutionalism’ theory is sacred as constitutional law is a superior, moral binding force as it is the will of the people,’constitutionalism’means public authority is to be exercised according to the law. Lord Chesterfield quotes “England is the only Monarchy in the world that can properly be said to have a constitution”.(Encyclopedia Britannica 1968 pg.397).

The English people know that the royal powers are curtailed; all political power has been shifted from the crown to the people acting through their chosen representatives in the parliament. All the states of United States have written constitution, they had to face many technical problems for constitutional changes, and where as the constitution of United Kingdom has proved to be very stable. States are described as unitary or federal depending upon the distribution of powers between central and local governments, all modern states find it necessary to have local as well as central governments. The British system is unitary, the powers of the local government are defined by statutes enacted by the parliament, the legislative organ of the central government, where as the system of the United States is federal due to its constitutional law.(Encyclopedia Britannica 1973  vol. 5; pg 93).

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