Sample Term Paper

Executive summary

Buying behaviour is the decision processes and activities that are used by people in purchasing and utilizing products. Consumer Behaviour is therefore the study of the processes that individuals, groups, or organizations utilize in selecting, securing, using and disposing of products, services, or ideas that satisfy their needs and the effects of these processes to the individual and society in general (Quester et al 2007). Consumer behaviour tries to understand the decision making process of the consumer, both as an individual and in groups. To fully understand consumer behaviour, one needs to understand three things: why people purchase particular products; what are the factors that influence these purchases; and the changing factors in the society.

1. Introduction

The study of Consumer Behaviour assists producers and organizations in establishing and improving their marketing strategies (Carlson et al 1994). They do so by understanding issues like: the psychology of consumers’ thoughts, feelings, reasoning and selection between alternatives for example brands, and products; the psychology of the way consumers are influenced by their environment for example culture, family, media, social class, and market forces; how the consumers behave while shopping and making other consumer related decisions; how consumer knowledge and information processing capabilities affect decision making and marketing outcomes; how the internal factors like perception, motivation, attitude, personality and decision strategies differ among consumers and the way they influence the Behaviour of individual consumers; and the way the producers and marketers can adjust and develop their marketing strategies and campaigns so as to effectively appeal to the consumer (Quester et al 2007).

1.2 Brief Background of charities chosen

First charity:

The first charity organization which has been chosen for this particular assignment is the Australian foundation for disability also known as (AFFORD). Established in 1952 the organization focuses on providing employment to people dealing with some kind of disability. Till date AFFORD has supported almost over 1000 people and their families.

Second charity:

The second charity is Philanthropy Australia. It’s a nonprofit organization which was established in the year 1977 with the sole purpose of maintaining close relationship with organizations that are into this filed and so creating a network which would be valuable for the whole community.

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