Sample Term Paper

In what way does the choice of a data type for a field help to control the integrity of that field?

When designing Forms for an application, it is important to keep the view of required data in mind. The developer on the application must ensure that the data collected from a Form is actually what is required and also plays a part in completing the information that is to be extracted from the Form. For this purpose it is also important to restrict the user input capability of a field to a specific set of values that are acceptable, while rejecting the rest.

In Forms (such as Visual Basic Forms), this is done by selecting an appropriate data variable and creating a binding between the variable and a field on the Form. Through creation of a binding, the input that can be put through the field is restricted to only values which are accepted by the variable. This helps in protecting the integrity of the field on the Form. For example, if a field is required to collect numbers on a Form, then binding the field with an integer variable ensures that only numbers are accepted by the field, while all other inputs are rejected. Hence, the integrity of the field is protected as the data collected from the field will be in correct form and would contribute toward completing the information required from the Form (Microsoft 2010).

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