Sample Term Paper

More reading would be required. The questionnaire will be accordingly designed keeping in view the information needed. The data collected from the respondents via questionnaire will then be analyzed depending on the information needed. The respondents will first be categorized on the basis of religion and region.

And later on the gathered information will be tested against the hypothesis to deduce conclusion. But before deducing any conclusion the comparison between the two schools of thoughts is significantly important. Conventional banks versus the Islamic banks in the economic settings. The needs and importance has already been deduced from the literature review that shows a clear picture of the difference as per the origin. But as a matter of fact none of the two extremes denies the importance of money and its effective circulation in the economy. The only difference lies in the procedures and the dynamics of the two banking approaches. As it has already been mentioned that banks symbolizes the sovereignty of people in economic sphere and activities. Primary as well as secondary sources of data will be utilized and the research is expected to complete in a six month period followed by a written report that will be written in one year time.

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