Sample Term Paper

There are several criticisms which are leveled at both programs regarding their system. The twelve step program is based on the concept of powerlessness against an addiction which increases their identity as being removed from society. The program is also based around the belief in a higher being. The concept of belief in a higher being does not specify a certain faith only that spirituality is essential in the healing process. Additionally there are questions about the effectiveness of this program regarding the success rate.

Though it has been touted to be very effective, the program does not work for everyone with many individuals experiencing difficulty leaving their addiction behind. The structure of this program involves the bonding of the sponsor and the sponsee. There have been various studies which have shown sustained abstinence for the sponsor in this relationship but very little advantage for the sponsee. Additionally though the program preaches anonymity there is no legal or judicial recourse for individuals who decide to reveal any information they gain during their meetings.

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