Sample Term Paper

Given the information above it can be seen how widespread stereotyping and its effects can reach on both an individual and societal level. Given its numerous negative effects it becomes essential for us as individuals to keep an open mind and insure that our perceptions of different societal groups is completely influenced from sources outside the primary subject of interest.

Given the number of programs which have been created to counteract its negativity it can be concluded that this affinity to preconceive is problematic to a peaceful and harmonious way of life. Given the cultural and linguistic divide that exists within social groups in the same society it becomes even more essential to create an understanding of culture and heritage that is not simply based upon the experiences of our own social groups. But rather is reflective of our own experiences. It is understandable that fear of the unknown would cause us to have preconceived notions which may be discriminatory or prejudicial against these groups. It should be noted however, that despite our differences, similarities do exist in many cultures which can serve to bring us together. All that is required is to allow for different points of view, perceptions which are not immutable and an effort to understand that which we do not know instead of drawing pre supposed conclusions.

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