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Term Paper: Cultural Perspective on Stereotyping | Term Paper Queen

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While it is noted that the social cognitive approach offers some answers, the cultural perspective on stereotyping also shows a similar finding. The cultural perspective forms the opinion that stereotypes are not the result of an individual’s perception but rather the perception of society itself towards an individual ethnic group. Cultural stereotypes rather than being changed according to direct perceptions of singular individuals are more dependent on indirect sources.

These indirect sources can range from information which can be gained from the media, parental figures, educational figures, religious figures or perhaps even politicians. What is interesting about cultural stereotyping is that it leads to the use of language to verbally create labels for its use. These labels are not a part of everyday vernacular and can range from being politically correct to outright insulting. A typical use of this labeling process in an offensive way could be represented by the term faggot, which is used to describe homosexuals (Macrae, Stangor, & Hewstone, 1996).

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